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(Early morning jet lagged thoughts) It’s taught me a lot to see animals in their own habitat. Not in a zoo, cage, circus etc. Growing up in NYC, that was typically our only chance to see these animals irl. But the older and wiser I get, and the more I’ve gotten to travel and be this close to animals, I realize animals deserve their freedom as much as we do and that they’re smarter than we give them credit for. Seeing them run around, play fight, take a bath, graze - you can feel their joy in freedom and indulging in the simple pleasures. In comparison, when you think about how much it takes for most of us humans to feel happy, it’s pretty sad. We’re caught up in so much stuff that we’ve convinced ourselves makes us happy. And animals have figured out how to co-exist. If you’ve watched my IG Stories on this trip and past safaris in Botswana and South Africa, you’ve seen birds and elephants, hippos and crocodiles, lions and leopards... they’re all chilling together and have an understanding. Whether one is cleaning the other, or they’re eating off the same land, or racing each other knowing that they have a chance of being someone’s dinner later that evening, it all works somehow and they enjoy life for what it’s worth, knowing it’s all limited and it all is what it is. It’s closer to what Our Creator intended for us all, I think 🤔 We “1st world” humans may have out-sophisticated our own happiness and the animals know it. I’m gonna stop here before y’all think I’m moving to the jungle 😂 but happy to hear your thoughts on this if you have any.

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